President's Message Fall 2020

One of the most invaluable benefits of being involved with the CBA is having the privilege to serve alongside and form long-lasting relationships with the many talented lawyers who share the desire to promote the CBA’s mandates. Along with these benefits, we, as lawyers, also have an obligation to strive to further improvements in the law, the administration of justice, and the access to justice.

I commence my term with sincere appreciation for the significant efforts undertaken by my predecessors, the most recent of which being Steven Christie. Steven has vigorously worked on behalf of our branch - locally and nationally - with various stakeholders to improve the access to justice in our province.

Efforts to improve access to justice, including advocating and promoting law reform, will remain one of my main priorities over the next year. I will also focus on promoting mental health programs and innovation in CPD for our profession.

I welcome Talia Profit to the CBA NB executive as Treasurer. I look forward to working with Talia, Steven, Isabelle Lavoie Daigle, Carley Parish, Thomas Raffy, and our amazing branch staff, Denise Cameron, Ginette Little, and Denise Fiset, in achieving these goals. We could not effectively service our members without the tireless efforts of Denise, Ginette, and Denise. In particular, I want to thank and congratulate Denise Cameron on 10 years of service with our branch!

I was pleased to meet with the National CBA Board (virtually) earlier this year, and I look forward to working with them. In particular, our NB CBA Board Member, David O’Brien, Q.C., who has a long history of CBA involvement, and has advocated significantly for the unique needs of our branch.

COVID-19 has presented us with additional challenges in 2020. In response, CBA national and our branch have worked to make the necessary modifications to our services to best support our members in these changing times. We will continue to innovate in the provision of services and rely on technology, wherever possible. Specifically, much of our CPD, including our 2021 Midwinter Program, will occur virtually and – as always - has excellent speakers and topics.

We currently have the highest rates of member satisfaction across the country. We will strive to increase these levels, wherein CPD programming factors prominently. On that note, I want to thank our members for their countless annual volunteer hours in organizing and presenting outstanding CPD sessions. Sessions that rival and often exceed those of larger branches and service providers. I also want to encourage members to participate in the CBA, especially those who are new to the profession or who have not participated in the past. Whether it be by way of active participation or suggestions for topics and speakers to enable us to continue to provide exceptional CPD, involvement in advocacy initiatives or law reform projects. In addition, I want to remind members to update your CBA login credentials to take advantage of the simpler and safer way of accessing our site, and to enroll online to sections of interest.

I look forward to serving our membership in the coming year, and I encourage you to contact me with any suggestions you have relating to how CBA NB can even better serve and advocate on behalf of our members.

Lauren A. Cicin