Index to the Private Acts of the Province of New Brunswick, 1929-2012

  • May 05, 2017

Private Acts of the Legislature of New Brunswick are indexed in the annual volume  of Acts of the Province of New Brunswick in which they are to be found, but there is no comprehensive "official" Index of such statutes. The Index To Private Acts which follows is "unofficial," and the result of the cumulative efforts of P.C. Robinson, the Hon. Ronald C. Stevenson, and other volunteers, to all of whom a great debt of gratitude is owed by the practising Bar of New Brunswick.

While great effort has been taken to make the Index as accurate as possible, it is provided solely to facilitate research in the law. The Canadian Bar Association makes no representations as to the accuracy of the Index, and assumes no responsibility for reliance on it. Users should have recourse to the various volumes of the Acts of the Province of New Brunswick to ensure accuracy. 

The Canadian Bar Association would request that any errors or omissions be brought to its attention by email addressed to

The Index attempts to state the effect of the law for the period from 1929 to the Spring 2012 Session of the Legislative Assembly.

Since 2000, the Annual Volumes of Acts of New Brunswick have been officially published online by the Queen’s Printer of New Brunswick.

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