• February 11, 2020

Recently the Canadian Bar Association held its MidWinter Meetings in Saint John, NB February 6-8.  At the President’s Dinner on the Friday evening the Distinguished Service Award was presented.

The Distinguished Service Award recognizes exceptional contributions or achievements by a lawyer to any of the following:  the legal profession; the law or development of the laws in New Brunswick; jurisprudence in New Brunswick or Canada; or the CBA.  The Distinguished Service Award was presented to Basile Chiasson, Q.C. of Chaisson & Roy of Bathurst ,NB.

Mr. Chiasson, Q.C.  is undoubtedly an active member of the legal profession in the province, but he has distinguished himself in particular by the publication, since the 1980s, of the now well-known work of the Rules of Court of New Brunswick Annotated. This work, which is prized by both practitioners and judges, is widely known and constitutes a considerable contribution to the entire legal profession in New Brunswick.  He is motivated to improve the practice of law with his numerous presentations, trainings and publications (beyond 60) in a variety of publications. Mr. Chiasson’s contributions to the CBA NB Solicitor’s Journal are immeasurable.

Mr. Chiasson, Q.C. gives generously of his time, which he dedicates to the professional training of lawyers in New Brunswick. The continuing legal education that he gives on behalf of the CBA NB and the Association des juristes d’expression fran├žaises du Nouveau-Brunswick are amongst the most coveted, thereby reflecting his esteem in the legal community.