Women Lawyers Forum

About the Forum

The Women Lawyers Forum is aimed at promoting the stature and influence of women in the profession, as well as developing assistance programs, networking opportunities and mentoring programs.


The objective of the Women Lawyers Forum is to provide: 

Personal and Professional Development

  • develop mechanisms to assist women in the legal profession to enhance their professional opportunities; and

  • develop business and professional confidence for women in the practice of law, including private practice, public service, and in-house counsel, and in community leadership.

Networking, Mentoring and Liaising Opportunities

  • provide a forum for networking, education, mentoring and information sharing for women in the legal profession;

  • co-ordinate a mentoring system and other resources for mentoring of women in the legal profession; and

  • liaise and share resources with other legal jurisdictions, women in the judiciary, other professions, and organizations of professional women; and

  • work and liaise with other Canadian Bar Association conferences, sections and committees, particularly the Standing Committee on Equity, on matters of mutual concern.


  • develop communications tools to assist women lawyers in identifying and making contact with available resources.

Women Lawyers Forum Chair

Ellen C. Desmond
New Brunswick Energy & Utilities Board
1400-15 Market Square
PO Box 5001
Saint John, NB E2L 4Y9
Tel/Tél : (506) 658-2504
Fax/Téléc : (506) 643-7300

Past Chair

Leanne Murray
McInnes Cooper
600-570 Queen St
PO Box 610 Stn A
Fredericton NB E3B 5A6