Administrative Law Section

About the Section

Legislation conferring judicial or rulemaking powers upon any public official and the administration thereof; the jurisdiction, procedure and organization of administrative tribunals and the practice of lawyers before such tribunals; the organization of government in so far as it affects the foregoing or the practice of lawyers; judicial review of the exercise of administrative powers.


Administrative Law Chair

Ellen Desmond, Q.C.

New Brunswick Energy & Utilities Board

1400-15 Market Square

PO Box 5001

Saint John, NB E2L 4Y9

Tel/Tél : (506) 658-2504

Fax/Téléc : (506) 643-7300


Past Chair

Matthew Letson
Lawson Creamer
800-133 Prince William St
PO Box 6787 RPO Brunswick Sq
Saint John NB E2L 4S2
Phone: (506)633-3737
Fax: (506)633-0465